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Advanced Sketchbook POSTPONED

Join instructor Jacki Whisenant on a deeper dive into the world of animal art, exploring different groups of animals and techniques for illustrating them through both a scientific and expressive lens.

Art of the Letter POSTPONED

This course explores a range of writing practices throughout history. Join experienced drawing instructor Jacki Whisenant to learn and practice different styles of calligraphy and hand lettering.

Fall Sketchbook POSTPONED

Join instructor Jacki Whisenant for a series of vignettes in drawing and painting exercises, with an eye toward scientific accuracy and natural history as well as field sketching/nature journaling techniques.

Join Red Oak Writing Director and author, Kim Suhr, to explore various ways to get your work into "print" (hard copy and virtual) and join the ranks of the published writers.

The short story is its own artform with its own nuance and emphasis.

Drawing is a way of thinking. Like writing, drawing clarifies. It deepens our understanding.

In our world of dashed-off texts and emails, a thoughtful note or letter stands out. But what to say, and how to say it?

This course about writing memoir and other personal or family stories is designed for people who took one of Marja Mills’s earlier workshops on the topic.

The things we love about engaging memoirs are also what make them challenging to write. The best memoirs do more than capture memories. They put our experiences in context and explore their meaning. They tell the stories of our lives.

Join instructor Jacki Whisenant for a seasonally-themed sketchbook exploration designed to encourage the incorporation of art into a regular practice for relaxation and artistic exploration.

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