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Stebelton Course Slide

A forest, an old field, a prairie remnant, or an urban tree canopy is each a set of constant tensions.

Two drawings of animal bones side by side

This is a class to explore osteology––the study of bone anatomy––in a visual way.

Spring Sketchbook Course Example Drawings

This is a seasonally-themed sketchbook exploration designed to encourage the incorporation of art into a regular practice for relaxation and artistic exploration.

Doug Duren at his land in the Driftless Region

Living and working on a fourth-generation farm in the Driftless area, Doug Duren's passion for the land has made him one of the most influential conservationists in Wisconsin, and beyond.

Kathy Mehls is a retired high school guidance counselor from Chippewa Falls with an abiding love of birds and the outdoors.

So where are we now, ten years after the publication of the first Waters of Wisconsin report?

Milwaukee youth discover nature at the Urban Ecology Center.

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