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Mining the Archive: Artists’ Accordion Books

Accordion books.

This exhibition of artists’ accordion books reflects my personal and academic interest in the field of artists’ printed matter, especially artists’ periodicals. Fascinated by the accordion format, which occupies a place somewhere between the scroll, the book, and the print, I started a blog about these publications in 2010 in order to further explore this wonderful medium. This show presents a small selection of the fruits of my inquiry, with each work chosen to illustrate the many different ways in which artists have used the unique panoramic space of the accordion. Accordion books are wonderful hybrid works that exist in a space between different printed media, with their most pronounced characteristic being the folds that give them the ability to expand.

Accordion Books. Photo by Ursa Anderson

Accordion Books. Photo by Ursa Anderson


Stephen Perkins is an artist and independent art historian specializing in alternative artists’ periodicals and printed matter. He curates his home-based gallery, Subspace, from his extensive archive of artists’ printed matter and prints.

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