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2024 Wisconsin Academy Fellows Induction Gala

September 16, 2024 - 5:30pm to 9:00pm
Promega’s Kornberg Center • • Fitchburg
Monday, September 16, 2024 - 5:30pm to 9:00pm


Promega’s Kornberg Center
5430 E Cheryl Pkwy
53711 Fitchburg , WI

The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 2024 Fellows Induction Gala, our signature, bi-annual event celebrating the creativity and achievements of sixteen outstanding Wisconsinites whose careers have demonstrated the value of the sciences, arts, and letters to improve life in our state. The Fellows Induction Ceremony and Gala will bring together some of Wisconsin’s brightest minds, from across Wisconsin to mingle, eat, drink, watch brief films honoring the new Fellows and discuss how to best bring people together, across a variety of divides, to engage in civil discourse to find common ground.

The 2024 Class of Fellows includes activist and educator Dr. Howard Fuller; artist, writer, and curator Michelle Grabner; journalist and producer Steve Paulson; artist and educator Faisal Abdu’Allah; poet, novelist, and playwright Amy Quan Barry; writer, artist, and activist Anne Basting; geographer, inventor, and professor Dr. Brady Foust; hydrogeologist and mentor Dr. Kenneth Bradbury; transplant surgery educator, activist, and provider Dr. Anthony D’Alessandro; Haudenosaunee beader and educator Karen Ann Hoffman; Ho-Chunk leader, Judge JoAnn F. Jones; geographer and writer Dr. Mrill Ingram; playwright, actor, and director Marie Kohler; interviewer and media personality Anne Strainchamps; artist, author, and geneticist and cell biologist Dr. Ahna Skop; and nonprofit leader and environmental advocate David Ullrich.

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Promega’s Kornberg Center
5430 E Cheryl Pkwy
Fitchburg, WI 53711

Doors open at 5:30pm

Program begins at 6:00pm

Closing Reception at 8:45pm


Sponsor the Fellows Gala

We invite you to join a select group of sponsors to be featured at this elegant and widely anticipated event. Join other leading companies and thought leaders from across Wisconsin who will come together to mingle, eat, drink and watch the premier of a professionally produced video honoring the new Fellows. Contact Development Director Zack Robbins if you have questions about sponsorship. 


Fellows Induction Gala Video RFP

The Wisconsin Academy is seeking an experienced video production company to produce two brief videos (approximately 15 minutes each) honoring the new Fellows, to be presented at the 2024 Fellows Induction Gala on Monday, September 16, 2024. Learn more about this opportunity below.

Video Production RFP

These 16 Fellows are being honored for their profound contributions to the state of Wisconsin:   


Faisal Abdu'Allah is an influential British and Afro-Caribbean artist and educator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who enriches Wisconsin's cultural landscape with thought-provoking art that bridges diverse communities. His work, deeply influenced by his Islamic faith and British upbringing, challenges and expands cultural narratives.

Anne Basting is a writer, artist, and activist for the power of creativity to change lives by inviting people of all ages and abilities into the creative process. She works with artists and non-artists collaboratively to create plays, stories, and art projects.

Dr. Kenneth Bradbury is a nationally recognized hydrogeologist, mentor, and coordinating force for bringing together diverse communities to advance better management of Wisconsin’s groundwater resources.

Dr. Anthony D’Alessandro has dedicated nearly four decades to transplant surgery, education, and advocacy, profoundly impacting Wisconsin's medical community. His tenure includes transformative roles such as Director of the UW Health Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplant Programs and Medical Director for UW Organ and Tissue Donation.

Dr. Brady Foust is a geographer, inventor, professor, and patron of arts who has revolutionized insurance geospatial databases, patented new technology, served as a professor at UW-Eau Claire for 37 years, and was president and patron of the Pablo Center at the Confluence in Eau Claire, WI.

Dr. Howard Fuller has committed his life to activism and educational reform, specifically serving Black children from low-income backgrounds. He was born in Shreveport, LA. He moved to Milwaukee with his mother at a young age, where he emerged as a gifted student, athlete, and leader.

Artist, writer, and curator Michelle Grabner is an internationally known cultural powerhouse who has remained committed to her Wisconsin origins, nurturing local artistic communities and celebrating the state’s craft traditions.

Karen Ann Hoffman is a Haudenosaunee raised beader from Stevens Point. A citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, she creates objects of great beauty and cultural significance that reflect Haudenosaunee understandings and honor generational legacies.

As an environmental geographer, Dr. Mrill Ingram reaches across Wisconsin’s landscapes, connecting the farm field to the street terrace, to champion creative environmental action. The arc of Dr. Ingram’s career embraces sustainable agriculture, academic collaboration, progressive media, and community-based research.

The honorable Judge JoAnn F. Jones is an outstanding Ho-Chunk woman whose leadership, service, and humanitarian qualities have inspired her to become a champion of tribal sovereignty and a bridge builder in cross-cultural understanding.

Marie Kohler has significantly contributed to the theater arts in Wisconsin as an actor, playwright, director, artistic director, producer, and entrepreneur. Her efforts as Co-Founder of Renaissance Theaterworks exist on a continuum of Kohler’s lifelong love of theater’s power to tell transformative human stories.

Steve Paulson is a curious journalist and co-creator and executive producer of the Peabody Award-winning show To the Best of Our Knowledge, a nationally syndicated radio show produced by Wisconsin Public Radio that has been a cornerstone of Wisconsin’s intellectual landscape for more than 30 years.

Amy Quan Barry is a decorated poet, novelist, playwright, and the Lorraine Hansberry Professor of English at UW-Madison. Barry is the author of eight books of fiction and poetry and a full-length staged theater production.

Dr. Ahna Skop is an internationally known geneticist and cell biologist, artist, author, and a vigorous ambassador for women in science. Dr. Skop received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minored in Ceramics from Syracuse University in 1994, and a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology from UW-Madison in 2000.

Anne Strainchamps is an eminent media personality and co-creator and host of the Peabody Award-winning show To the Best of Our Knowledge, a nationally syndicated radio show produced by Wisconsin Public Radio that has been a cornerstone of Wisconsin’s intellectual landscape for more than 30 years.

Dave Ullrich’s career of over 50 years in public service, non-profit leadership, and volunteer work has led to significant improvements in the Wisconsin environment. After growing up amidst the lakes and forests of Northern Wisconsin and earning a law degree from the University of Wisconsin, Ullrich dedicated his life to the protection and restoration of the planet, with an emphasis on Wisconsin.

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