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Compilation of exhibiting artists' work with Women Artists Forward Fund logo

Join Wisconsin Academy staff at the James Watrous Gallery to celebrate the Forward Art Prize and the artists it has supported so far: 5 years, 10 winners, and 100k in awards!

Appleton-based CSA artist Ali Fuller (right) chats with a shareholder near a display  of her drawings.

When my friend Fanny Lau told me about it, I was intrigued by the simplicity of the concept. “It’s just like a vegetable CSA, but with art,” she said.

John Craig (detail)

John Craig's prints explore perception, history and narrative. Valerie Mangion's paintings explore the nocturnal life of animals.

Gwen Avant, Untitled (detail), 2015. Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 in.

Gwen Avant's expressive paintings communicate acceptance, beauty, and peace. Gregory Klassen will explore natural processes, such as gravity and evaporation.

Barbara Kettner, "Baling in August," 2015. Watercolor on paper.

The Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) has been changing the lives of Wisconsinites both rural and urban since 1940.

Explore the history and future of rural arts in Wisconsin with two of its greatest leaders: Maryo Gard Ewell and Helen Klebesadel.

David McLimans poses with some of his artwork. Photograph by Joseph Blough. Copyright © 2010 by JB Patrick Flynn.

Author and Wisconsin Academy Fellow Lorrie Moore reflects on the life and works of artist David McLimans.

An interview with artist Craig Clifford about his 2015 exhibition Fragments.

You can draw a lake or paint the ocean, film a rainstorm or a blizzard, sculpt the contours of a river’s path. But how can you express the essence of water?

It’s slippery.

Developed by a visual artist and earth scientist, small problems, BIG TROUBLE was developed to create awareness of subjects that are small in scale (e.g. soil, parasites, dust, viruses, micro pollutants, invasive species) yet can pose significant threats to human life.

It was a tornado that forged an almost twenty-year collaboration between Appleton-area artist Judith Waller and scientist James Brey.

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