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Affiliate Membership

Spread the best ideas and research far beyond the edge of your campus by connecting with the Academy.

The Wisconsin Academy has a long and celebrated history of being an independent voice for exploring, explaining, and sustaining thought and culture. Investing in the Wisconsin Academy reinforces your commitment to and value of a liberal arts education.

Chartered by the Wisconsin Legislature in 1870, the Wisconsin Academy has been dedicated to seeking truth and knowledge in the sciences, arts, and letters for the betterment of Wisconsin. We are a trusted source for people of all ages to learn about and benefit from innovative and inspiring ideas from around the state. Now is a crucial time to value and support a voice outside the university system that has a shared complimentary vision for Wisconsin.

The Academy advocates for and promotes learning beyond the classroom. We believe that:

  • Education elevates all of our lives;
  • Sound science is key to decision-making on every level;
  • Creativity and the arts enhance our lives in more ways than we know; and
  • Civil dialogue and a free press are essential to a healthy democracy.

Your academic affiliate membership supports the Wisconsin Academy’s mission of bringing people together to inspire discovery, illuminate creative work, and foster civil dialogue on important issues. In addition, a partnership your campus and the Academy can inspire high-quality, meaningful programs for the citizens of Wisconsin.

Affiliate Membership Tiers

  • $1,000 level -  includes 10 one-year individual memberships for staff and a ¼ page color ad in the Wisconsin People & Ideas (WP&I) magazine*
  • $2,500 level -  includes 15 one-year individual memberships for staff and a ½-page color ad in the WP&I magazine*
  • $5,000 level -  includes 20 one-year individual memberships for staff, 50 bulk issues for distribution around your organization & ¾-page color ad in WP&I mag.*
  • $7,500 level -  includes 25 one-year individual memberships for staff, 50 bulk issues for distribution around your organization & 1 full-page color ad in WP&I mag*
  • $10,000 level -  includes 30 one-year individual memberships for staff, 100 bulk issues for distribution around your organization & 2 full-page color ads in WP&I mag* and recognition as a Program Sponsor for the 2023-2024 full-season

*Final ad and issue placement to be determined by the WP&I editor.

Join our ever growing lists of academic affiliate members.

Contact Zack Robbins, Director of Development at 608-733-6633 x16 to learn more or begin your membership today.

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