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Wisconsin People & Ideas - Summer 2017

In this issue: The Driftless Historium opens, Journal From the Heartland debuts, and Lorine Niedecker gets her day. Too, pizza farms are a thing. A profile of Peter Krsko, and artist who works at the intersection of art, science, and nature, and Lois Bielefeld's photo project on the Shorewood Girls Cross Country Team. The best ideas from the Growing Our Creative Power series of talks, incredible mezzotint and ink prints from Watrous Gallery artists Douglas Bosley and Scott Espeseth, book reviews, and new fiction and poetry from our 2017 writing contest winners. 

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What does promise does the American Dream hold in a highly fragmented society?

The transformative power of being recognized as a writer.

Kat Becker and Tony Schultz of Stoney Acres Farms in Athens, Wisconsin. Photo by James Gill/Wisconsin Public Television.

Some small family farms in Wisconsin are providing a unique (and direct) take on farm-to-table dining.


What we learned from a year of examining how to harness the power of creativity to improve life in Wisconsin.

All images copyright © 2017 by Lois Bielefeld. No reproduction without permission.

In terms of attendance, compensation, and overall media presence, women’s sports are almost always eclipsed by those of their male counterparts.

Peter Krsko stands amidst Renewal (with collaborating artist Katie Schofield’s Turkey Tails), one in a series of bio-inspired art installations on view at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography.

Wonewoc-based artist and educator Peter Krsko works at the intersection of science, art, and nature. 

Mudstone illustration

This was something Joy Frisk told us one August night around a campfire on a bluff overlooking the boathouse. Joy Frisk was high. Pain meds, most likely.

A new collection by Appleton poet Melissa Range draws from medieval religious manuscripts, Old English literature, and “hillbilly” stories from East Tennessee.

Milwaukee journalist Dan Egan tell the complex story of the one of the world’s most important freshwater ecosystems.

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