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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Spring 2018

In this issue: PopEarth brings art/science collisions to the Fox Cities, John Michael Kohler Art Center establishes an Art Preserve, and Celebrate Water Door County does just that. We learn how to make hickory syrup and explore the rich conservation tradition and natural beauty of the Driftless Area. A glimpse inside the creative mind of composer John Harmon and a (very different kind of) glimpse inside the largest mascot factory in the U.S. A preview of the Anne Kingsbury and Helen Lee exhibitions at the Watrous Gallery, new fiction by Liz Wyckoff and poems by Angela Trudell Vasquez and Oscar Mireles.

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When does the pursuit of scientific inquiry become an act of advocacy? 

A passion for wild foods can grow in unexpected places.

Green Lake County resident and Wisconsin Hickory Association president Mike Starshak sees a bright future for the hickory foods industry in Wisconsin.

The shagbark hickory is making a comeback in Wisconsin.

A revolutionary concept in land use has deep roots in the hills and valleys—and people—of the Driftless Area.

All photos copyright © 2018 by Adam Ryan Morris. No reproduction without permission.

The artists, designers, and craftspeople of Olympus Group in Milwaukee.

The life and career of Winneconne-based composer and Academy Fellow John Harmon. 

Contemporary artists Helen Lee and Anne Kingsbury share an exploration of language as a central theme in their work.

Me and Janie and Melissa, we want to be other women. Not the women we are expected to be, but the ones we’ve seen on television and read about in novels.

A UW Hospital emergency room doctor combines magical realism with coming-of-age romance and swashbuckling adventure in his debut novel.

What can a sixteenth-century philosopher tell us about the rural/urban divide?

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