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cropped image of "Alegrias" by Lisa Marie Barber
cropped image of "Alegrias" by Lisa Marie Barber

Lisa Marie Barber’s dense, large-scale ceramic assemblages command attention, spilling vivid imagery and bright colors across the gallery floor. Layering and accumulating enigmatic shapes, figures, and floral imagery, she creates environments bursting with playful, celebratory energy. Barber’s aesthetic sensibility is rooted in Mexican folk art and the Latin American Catholic shrines of her heritage and upbringing in Tucson, Arizona, and her fluid, deft touch highlights the soft plasticity of clay. The rich ornamentation, color, and abundance in her work expresses reverence, gratitude, and joy.

Lisa Marie Barber, Playground, 2024. Ceramic, 74 x 89 x 95 in.


Lisa Marie Barber, Alegrías, 2021. Ceramic, 47 x 54 x 69 in.


Lisa Marie Barber (Kenosha) earned her BS in Sociology/Art minor at Northern Arizona University and MFA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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