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                                      A lone green tree standing in a
demolished frontier // The sleeping animal huff of our
own pried-open country // Time will not exonerate us
//  We are half-lit  /  godwit  /  complicit  //  We sigh
ourselves into ever more fashionable pyres / try in vain
to break our animal faces away from all this sudden
immutable damage / coax a language for grief from the
crushed-glass throat of the sea  //  Tranquilizers  //
Tourniquets // Triglycerides // Talismans of holy fear
//  Talismans of holy damage  //  Tear off our tender
buttons  //  Tear off our tender buttons // Tear off our
tender buttons  //  Will we ever find a comfortable
darkness again? // Down the street the corpses of
thousand horses burn like flowers in the stadium //


Adam Fell is the author of Catastrophizer, winner of the 2022 Sixth Finch Chapbook Contest, and two poetry collections, Dear Corporation (Forklift Books 2019) and I Am Not A Pioneer, winner of the 2011 Posner Poetry Book Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers.

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