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"Always stir
from left to right,"
my mother said
moving the wooden spoon
through the chocolate pudding.

After all
Grandma stirred
from left to right.

Something to do
with gravitational pull
maybe the moon
and the tides.
Who knows
what unseen forces
have caused people
to stir from left to right.

"It's why the clock goes
from left to right,"
she said
tapping the spoon on the pot
like a metronome.

I never wondered
why the clock
didn't go the other way
never thought it was
related to stirring.

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Karen Loeb finished a two-year run May 2020 as Eau Claire’s Writer-in-Residence. Retired from teaching creative writing at UW-EC, she writes poetry and fiction at home in a room with artwork, including a David Hockney lithograph discovered in a resale store.

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