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Some People

Honorable Mention Poem from our 2015 Poetry Contest

Some people have been leaving 
too soon.

Their library books still due,
the gas and electric bill waiting
in the bills to pay slot.

Some did not even finish breakfast,
get to eat any of the packed picnic lunch.

During ordinary days
they started with waking up and loving,
kissing hello, touching a shoulder to 
to say goodbye for the day, after
harsh words and a disagreement
before making up.
The boat motor still warmed up,
the laundry folded,
no chance to call back.

We are a porous people
Leaving spaces where we were
Empty spot on the couch under
the reading lamp
no lap for kitty cat to curl

We are a here and then gone people
Pausing a while some lingering
Some brief
tiny hands Bigger hands moving in water turned to air
Puff puff breaths ease and rhythm 
Returning and leaving

Do we rock and wail or cling or go easy
seekers and finders
and oh no how did I end up here
or do we turn to smell and feel instead
and recognize home and curl up nose under tail
finally resting and thinning out until 
we are more air than matter
essentially you


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