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Palimpsest: Painting her again

I keep scraping the canvas
And painting him over again
But he keeps slipping away
—Edward Hirsch

Putting her fragments
Together in yet
Another way

Turning her differently-aged
Profiles this direction and that
So as to see new things

In different lights
Even though the outcome
Is always the same

Putting her repeated death
Against once-future events
Casting it into differing perspectives

The cherished daughters
Arriving years after
The fact of loss

Connecting her to a whole
World of living relations

Shaded with deepening insight
Never-before-seen colors added
To my basic box of crayons

Foreshortening my grief
Triangulating its source
As I scribble wax over oil

Still trying to get
A fix
On sorrow

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Kathleen A. Dale was born in Kansas, though she has lived on the shore of Lake Michigan for many years. She and her husband have three grown daughters and two grandsons.

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