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Ricing moon 
when poling arms groan
like autumn winds through white pine.
Old rhythms find the hands
bend and pound the rice,
rice kernels falling
falling onto wooden ribs 
canoe bottoms filling with memories—
new mocassins dance the rice
huffs of spirit wind lift and carry the chaff
blown like tired histories 
from birchbark winnowing baskets.
Now numbered
by pounds, seasons, or generations 
lean slivers of parched grain
settle brown and rich 
tasting of northern lakes
of centuries.
Eat Local, Read Local, (UW–Milwaukee Creative Writing Program, 2008)
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Kimberly Blaeser, past Wisconsin Poet Laureate and founding director of In-Na-Po—Indigenous Nations Poets, is a writer, photographer, and scholar. She is the author of six poetry collections including Ancient LightCopper Yearning, and the bilingual Résister en dansant/Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance.

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