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Mark Klann

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Mark Klann has been in the construction business for 35 years and was one of the original eight people to start up Astar Capital Management, Inc. (Astar Capital) in 2002. His experience and knowledge in the residential and multi-family construction field has proven invaluable to the company and management groups working with Astar Capital and its sister company Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. (Cardinal Capital). In 2005, Klann started the Cardinal Capital Management Construction Group. He is involved with the initial design, estimating, engineering, scheduling, construction and completion process on all of Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp. and Cardinal Capital projects. Klann is also an approved WHEDA, RD and HUD Capital Needs Assessor and has completed 209 Capital Needs Assessment since receiving his WHEDA approval in 2006. Cardinal Capital has completed significant rehab on 5,214 units and has teamed up with other contractors to build 530 units.

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