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Kate Stalker

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Kate Stalker is a Madison-based landscape architect with a passion for environmental sustainability, especially as it concerns promoting a public supply of clean water for generations to come. She is best known for her work as Project Architect of the City of Madison's 11.5 acre Allied Drive neighborhood redevelopment (now known as Revival Ridge), and as Madison Project Director for the Resilience Research Center on Badger Road, which houses the Madison offices of Will Allen's Growing Power and Badger Rock Middle School and utilizes 60,000 gallon cisterns to store rain water and snow melt for crop irrigation in its gardens. Stalker also recently served on a team of consultants hired by the City of Fitchburg to complete a fifty-year master plan anticipating future needs.

In her free time, Stalker can usually be found sailing on or swimming in Dane County’s beautiful lakes, and has become increasingly concerned about their diminished water quality and the long-term sustainability of recreational and potable water systems. 

Photo: Michael Kienitz.

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