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Wisconsin People & Ideas - Winter 2016


In this issue: Solar cloth to charge your phone, new Streets of Old Milwaukee, an exhilarating/exhausting 2015 for WI Poet Laureate Kim Blaeser, a brief tour of John Gurda's City of Neighborhoods,  and writing our way to a better future. We also learn about music for cats and sustainable cheese, why poetry can save the world, and how to talk about work (hint: we're doing it wrong). Don't forget vibrant paintings from Milwaukee artist Tom Berenz, new fiction and poetry from our 2015 contest winners, as well as reviews of new titles by Wisconsin authors.

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Writing is a gateway to insight and wisdom, and Wisconsin needs both these days.

Photo of Madison Chemist Trisha Andrew and fabric artists Marianne Fairbanks

A UW–Madison researcher and artist collaborate on a new way to charge your phone.

Photo provided courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum

Bringing 21st century digital technology to the Streets of Old Milwaukee (don't worry: Granny is still there).

Cedar Grove Cheese on display

Locally-sourced milk and eco-friendly practices make Cedar Grove Cheese a winner.

Historian and Wisconsin Academy Fellow John Gurda shares the story behind his new hometown chronicle.

The Wisconsin Humanities Council is sparking a conversation on working life in Wisconsin.

Does your pet like music? The answer is: Yes. But not your music.

Tom Berenz in his Bay View studio. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography

A survey of the inner landscapes of Milwaukee painter Tom Berenz.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser holds a printed broadside of her poem Manoominike-Giizis = Ricing Moon, designed by Daniel Goscha of The Mill Paper and Book Arts to commemorate Kim’s laureateship.

An exhilarating and exhausting first year for Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser.

Author Lisa Vihos at I.D.E.A.S. Academy with the poster made by high school students in Stuart Howland’s graphic design class.

How poetry is changing Wisconsin and the world for the better.

"I was sweating and drooling. It was April. I had almost made it through fifth grade. And now I was leaving the planet. Permanently."

The voluminous new history of Wisconsin agriculture by author and historian Jerry Apps is a pleasure to consume, learn from, and enjoy.

These are everyman/woman poems, the howl of the little and small: the teacher, the scientist, the child, the motherless son.

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