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Time Speeding Up

Third Place Winner - 2017 Poetry Contest

Life may not be as bleak as it seems.

The hurried seasons—spring, summer
and fall—may plow into winter’s caboose, 
send it vamoosing.

Usually winter sits on a side rail out back
not moving an iced-up muscle.

Now and then we poke it with a shovel,
but that accomplishes nothing.

Why not bribe the other seasons
to get their sluggish cousin leaving?

We hate watching them glide so swiftly
past, but if they can budge winter off his
snowy ass, their haste won’t be wasted.

After all, the faster winter makes tracks,
the sooner spring can fill the gaps.

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Georgia Ressmeyer, a New York native, has lived happily in Wisconsin since 1974, first as an attorney, now as a poet. She is the third-place winner of the 2017 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

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