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Logan Peterman

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Logan Peterman is the Director of Agricultural Research and Analytics at Organic Valley. From his roots growing up on an apple orchard in central Wisconsin, to his years working in the organic sector, Peterman has attempted to merge a background in Ecology, Statistics, and Research design to aid and validate farmer intuition and on-farm management. He has advised State, Federal, NGO, and private organizations and companies using an evolving set of skills in data analysis, and research interpretation/application, which has landed him several leadership opportunities in his young career, including a visit to the Obama White House. He also currently chairs the Science committee for The Organic Center, as well as serving as an active member of the Board of Trustees.

At Organic Valley, Peterman applies his expertise leveraging fresh insights to inform strategy and operational tactics for the farmer-owned cooperative that is Organic Valley—2,000 family farms strong across the country, and its increasingly international supply chain. With development efforts spanning from product nutrition and identifying biological drivers, to on-farm management and conservation, the scope of his work can involve nearly any part of the modern organic food system. His primary goal, is to validate member intuition regarding organic benefits, nutrition, and resilience, using the research expertise of peer-reviewed academics and private research institutions.   Improving nutrition, reducing externalities, and ensuring integrity of organic foods into the future.

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