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A new way to navigate Shifting Currents

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:08pm -- Jane Elder

Last fall we published our most recent Waters of Wisconsin report: Shifting Currents: Progress, Setbacks, and Shifts in Policy and Practice. At 79 pages, the report is packed with observations and analysis about the state of water quality, water supply and freshwater ecosystems in Wisconsin, and it wraps up with nine major recommendations to safeguard the waters of Wisconsin for the future. 

But we know that many people won’t have the time, or inclination to dive into a 79-page report—even with some great graphics. As we explored other ways to share the recommendations and the rationale behind them, UW-Madison student Kendl Kobbervig suggested exploring a story map as a way to visually present highlights from the report. A story map is an easy-to-navigate digital tool Kendl said could help us showcase the report's major recommendations at a glance.

We're pleased to share Kendl's story map of the Shifting Currents report with you today (see below). Please give it a look and let us know what you think. We’ll continue to explore digital tools such as this to make information about complex topics more accessible. If you know of similar low-cost tools that we can use, we welcome your suggestions.


Jane Elder recently retired from her position as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Academy. She brought to the Wisconsin Academy a strong background in public policy leadership, nonprofit management, and involvement in Wisconsin arts.

Kendl Kobbervig is a native Madisonian and grew up surrounded by and in awe of Wisconsin’s natural beauty. She became involved with Wisconsin's environmental movement as a Sierra Club intern in 2016. During her time at the Sierra Club she Kendl discovered a passion for graphic design and visual storytelling.

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