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Book Review

An Eau Claire poet's wry take on life, death, and love.

I’m one of those readers who start at the beginning of a volume of poems. I don’t page through, nor do I read the end of the book first.

Milwaukee poet Mark Zimmermann’s first full-length poetry collection, Impersonations, dazzles with a gallery of pithy portraits written in a novel form. Take, for instance, “Osama bin Laden.”

In a political season rife with hyperbole, posturing, half-truths, intolerance, and worse, author and UW–Madison Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication Jack Mitchell reminds us that there is a media outlet where intelligent debate and publ

Lily Stewart is an artist whose life is on the brink of collapse.

Meet Violet, the eccentric child birthed by Madison poet Jeanie Tomasko and delivered into the world by new Wisconsin publisher Taraxia Press.

A parable of religious mysticism that’s part love story and part mystery, with a touch of rural hijinks, Karl Elder’s new novel is a welcome addition to the list of titles from one of Wisconsin’s top poets.

In 2009, a team of doctors and scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin shook up the medical community by successfully sequencing a young Wisconsin boy’s DNA in order to identify and treat an unknown, life-threatening disease.

“You said I should write more love poems / and I said, I’m sorry, but I’ve been thinking about / sloths.” This is the opening gambit for and no spiders were harmed, Madison poet Steve Tomasko’s debut chapbook. 

These are everyman/woman poems, the howl of the little and small: the teacher, the scientist, the child, the motherless son.

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